Pierre The MAZE DETECTIVE  'The Search For The Stolen Maze Stone'


by HIRO KAMIGAKI & IC4DESIGN written by Chihiro Maruyama

From the book to the homepage, we produced all illustrations for ‘Pierre the Maze Detective.’ In this quest book, various mazes and objects are hidden within detailed illustrations. In order to recover the maze stone, stolen by Phantom Thief X, Pierre and his assistant Carmen (and the reader) must be challenged by mazes in different locations. Sometimes in buildings, sometimes in the sky, in the sea or the forest, each time you turn the page a new maze with new quests unfolds.

Official Site of Pierre

Although seemingly an ordinary page introducing Pierre goods, once you enter ‘Pierre’s Garage’ it is possible to get extra information, spin-off stories and new quizzes not found in the book.


迷路探偵ピエール ~うばわれた秘宝を探せ!~