If you need our sample illustration for your presentation etc., feel free to get in touch with us. We will send some samples with printable quality.

Once projects are completed, we will deliver them in any file type that you request.

We could send large sized files via email or downloading.

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ADC 89 SILVER, ADC 91 Merit, ONE SHOW 2017 Silver, Bronze, Merit,

D&AD2017 WoodPencil, 3x3No.14 Best of Show, No.13Gold,

Dubai Lynx 2013 bronze, Dubai Lynx 2017 Gold(x3),

TASCHEN / Illustration Now! Vol. 4 & 2013,

American Illustration 29 Selected,

Society of Illustrators 53 54 Selected,

llustration Annual 52 /Communication Arts Selected, and more…

We accept a wide variety of interns, regardless of nationality and gender.

Because that will be English learning for us. Let's study together.


Notice: It depends on the situation / schedule. Please feel free to ask us about it.